Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Drawings 3/31/09

I work at a restaurant.. I absorb a lot of energy. I take a lot of orders. I service a lot of people. This is the day the health dept. visited us. HIGH ALERT! we ... the restaurant passed.. It was pretty funny though watching, and partaking in the comedy that ensued. I was coffee station that morning. So this was the day where every milk container in the mini fridge needed to not be expired. A cause for concern. All clear. A friend mentioned that he actually did it last night and made sure that nothing was in there. He had found something and tossed it. Thank God..

It was a long day.. I didn't have a chance to draw until I was actually waiting on tables.. I could draw because there wasn't much to wait on. It wasn't very busy. Health dept. in the morning, slow afternoon, maybe a bit busier later. 3/31/09

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