Saturday, February 06, 2016

Datura Full Moon Essence in Ajoite Quartz Gem Elixir

Lunar Essence.  Shaman Initiation and Journeyer's Ally.  Female Polarity.  Water Element.  Ajoite Gem Elixir.  

Datura is a plant ally for shamen, visionaries, and creatives. She is deeply protective,and revelatory, but not without her lessons.  Approached with sincerity, respect, and intention, one will learn much and acquire a powerful ally.  Also known as Angels Trumpet, Thorny Apple, and Jimson Weed, Datura helps one journey deep into the shadow side of the female polarity in order to observe and experience one's formative energetic imprint  including individual, ancestral, and cultural lineage. This plant is very poisonous and hallucinogenic and not recommended to be ingested in any other form than the essence.  Shamen and medicine people  have used this initiatory plant for centuries in order to induce trance states which can last in excess of a week. I don't recommend this.  The essence however gently communicates the vibration of the plant and permits one to work through these  states in the dream time.  I have found this essence helpful in opening up the mysteries of birth, death, darkness, gestation, the moon, water, creativity, seduction, beauty, magic, dreams, home, the female, nature, plants, flowers, sexuality, nurturance, surrender, and trust.

This plant has a haunting aura.  Its flowers open in the evening emitting a very heavy and intoxicating perfume.  This is a plant of dreamtime.  During the day the flowers are closed tight, though you'll notice how the light plays in the summer time underneath its broad green leaves.  It's fiercely protective qualities can be seen in the late Summer and Fall when it develops its seed pods.  From Angels Trumpet to Thorny Apple the plant has moved from something tempting, mysterious, and beautiful into a plant who is fiercely protective, laden with seed,  and dangerous in its process.  
Guardian Datura at driveway entrance with closed flowers in the morning.
Datura, Thorny Apple seed pods in the late Summer
This Datura Flower Essence was made by Full Moon light with the addition of Ajoite in Quartz. The Datura flower came from a thriving population circling my childhood home. This is very telling of its energy: circle of protection, home, nurturing, family.  There were also two very protective plants that grew, one guarding the front door, the other guarding the driveway. Each plant over 6 feet in height.  This essence is structured to take you deep into the feminine imprint, left side/right brain, emotional body, receptive, magnetic, lunar, creative, and psychic self.  This is a water element remedy helping one to reexperience the dark feminine imprint from a safe space.  In witnessing darkness from a place of safety much reflection and process can occur.   This understanding brings love, compassion, and empathy through understanding.  It clears and creates space thus allowing one to hold both the light and darkness with equanimity.  Datura has helped me process and understand much.  Even in writing this her energy has been conjured to deeply influence my dreams. I am grateful for her lessons as they always leave me equally with understanding and wonder. 

Friday, February 05, 2016

Indian Pipe in Ajoite Quartz Gem Elixir

Indian Pipe Flower Essence, a remedy for grief, fear, isolation, and a sense of lack.  

This is the happy community of Indian Pipe that shared its magic in VOW Indian Pipe Flower Essence!

Indian Pipe Essence: Wild Crafted in Ajoite gem elixirs

Indian Pipe is something of an elusive rarity so when you find a giant patch in full bloom, it is something special.  Indian Pipe is a telling sign of a healthy forest ecosystem.  It thrives in older growth shade were the humus is rich and the trees are plenty.  Natural ecosystems are made up of individuals who through their relationships find a place of balance in community to survive.  That is the magic of this essence, finding the nature of self in relationship to the community of others.  In periods of argument and conflict, Indian Pipe helps one find resolution by understanding all the component parts of conflict and where one may be contributing to the imbalance.  Spiritually, it allows us to understand the lesson behind the conflict and allows us to open to the fullness of love available.  We are a community, Indian Pipe has found a way to thrive by opening itself up to the community, in turn it allows our hearts to open to the universal love that is always available to enter our hearts and cleanse our emotional body.

Ajoite is also an emotional healer.  It is a stone of transformation allowing the release of emotional stagnation and heaviness including: anger, resentment, grief, and depression.  Ajoite connects with the heart and throat chakras and brings the vibrational state to a place of peace, harmony, resolution, and unity.

To better understand Indian Pipe, these links will prove quite helpful: