Friday, April 28, 2006

The Fire Inside. Oil on canvas.
SOLD Private Collection. Tenafly, NJ.

So I find that in certain situations, certain spaces, or around certain people, I have intense feelings in my abdomen or navel region. Normally I am accustomed to a pulse in my navel, but what I'm referring to is a certain pain, piercing almost, that I feel at particular times. This is one's place of power and identity. This is the second chakra.. The color orange. When I find myself doubling over in pain, I try to visualise the cells of my body constructed in perfect crystalline formation.. Beaming orange light comes pouring through clearing any kind of pollution being held in that part of the body.. Very often I find that I am coming back to this area of my body and asking myself the questions, Am I being fully myself? Or am I speaking my truth? Or am I hiding my feelings and identity.. Or how do I feel about who I am. Constantly asking and aswering these questions is grounding and maintains my awareness of self and other and the permeable boundary in between. Knowing how I feel normally in this center, I am moved physically when I encounter another who may grapple with the same issues. When this occurs and it's appropriate I ask the other person whether they are feeling anything in that center and what they visualize may be going on..

I painted this after a day that was filled with such encounters. I felt I needed to paint it out of my chakra in order to clear it. Now, outside of my body, I can work with the feelings visually and cognitively in order to process them and learn from them.

Me playing photo shoot.. Hello.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Kush.. Someone in my sights.. Snipe'em. 11"x9" oil on canvas.

Afghan. Swimming out of my heart and my head. Read it, see it, feel it. 11"x 9" oil on canvas.

White Light Mural. 4'x9' Started 9/11/05, finished 2/06, photographed 4/20/06.


Shown @ The Tea Lounge, Park Slope 837 Union St. 718.789.2762 6/07-7/07