Thursday, October 06, 2005

This is Dulcinea. She is my trusty '72bug that got me to where I needed to be in NM. She carries my paintings and is, all in all, a trusty and lovely vehicle. She accompanies me while I paint, you may also notice the dog beds, Coco and Cooper have also been hanging out while I paint. We are all presently stationed in NJ.

Salmon Spawn Then Die. This is a larger oil painting, 2'x3'. This was done last month at my parents' in NJ. This is the finished version. I love it. Boots Birds and Salmon. See what you can see.
The energy is so frenetic and when I look at this I feel as though I'm caught in a tornado. Well I guess a whirlpool, it feels watery and it seems as though it reverberates out from the center. From the center I see emerge something fishlike, a salmon perhaps swimming against the current while nestled in a hand. Standing upon it I see a boot with a heavy heel. Authority? Grounding? The salmon is also phallic and swimming out of the wombish center. Birth, but also growth. Migration. Swimming further upstream of the mother grounds. The rest of the painting is a play with the eyes and often I am making out a different avian personality. Birds make up a huge motif in everything that I paint.


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Amazon Return. oil on canvas. This is a Santa Fe painting. I am having some experience photographing these paintings while trying to maintain some sort of color integrity in the painting. When I view this piece I am flooded with the imagery that traditionally haunts most of my paintings. By allowing your eyes to play with the color you can begin to see forms. The forms I often see are heads and profiles. IN this painting the faces grow out and around an innner one. Its almost as though they are personalities. Birds and bird like features also seem to be a heavy motif in my paintings as well. Astrologically most of my planets are in air signs so maybe thats why.

Cranen Butte, and Lion. This is another Santa Fe painting. I was living in the area known as Lone Butte at the time. I think thats what the red mound is in the center. WHen you're driving into Santa Fe, on I-25 headed North, you pass this pointed hill, a butte I suppose. Anyway, Its a welcomer and the last thing I saw in Santa Fe when I left.

Fish of Plenty. This painting was done in the good o'le NJ. Notice the crowding of forms and clear line quality.. I was painting around my family.. I think this was during the Christmas Holiday three years ago. Notice the large fish in the middle and the bird within. I think this painting is about Air in water, the fam really brings out those deep emotional qualities in me; abundantly.


This was the first painting I completed after returning from a month in Peru. I spent three weeks in the amazon jungle working with a native healer and building an intuitive connection to the nature around me. Before this time I hadn't been using much green in my pallette. This painting contains a natural and unrushed fluidity that I have known no where else than in the jungle. The forms seem ethereal, fish-like, vegetal, with a clear fire element. This is one of my favorite paintings.

SOLD. Private Collection. NYC