Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Greetings All I would love to invite you to the opening reception of
"A Dreamer's Web".

It is an exposition of some of my latest works both drawing and painting. The show is at the restaurant Piola, 48 E. 12th St./Broadway,

Opening reception on Wednesday August 13th 2008 from 6-8 PM.

If you can't make it to the opening, the show will be hanging until September 16th.

Hope to see you there.


Press Release:

Michael Viola III will be showing some of his newest works on paper and canvas at Piola Restaurant E12th St./Broadway NY, NY. Opening reception on August 13th 6-8PM showing through September
Michael is a self-taught artist with a background in healing. He studied transpersonal psychology in Santa Fe, NM, a branch of psychology that allowed him to immerse deeply into the shamanic and spiritual worlds of the American Southwest, Amazon Jungle, and Andean Highlands. In this time he received the unique gifts of working with esteemed indigenous elders and healers. This new spiritual perspective shattered the former framework through which he saw the world. Now, every day is a gift and by spiritual guidance he receives his blessings. Michael currently lives and works in NYC and can be reached at His art work can be viewed at

Statement: My art is a language from spirit that I have learned to allow flow through me. The more I connect to the Great Mystery the larger and more bold the work. The art is purely intuitive and emulates no other school of process or style. I acknowledge my spiritual connection and my artistic responsibility by respecting all life and striving to live in balance, gratitude, and integrity. This is a vibratory state which is most refreshingly maintained through a devoted spiritual connection and a shamanic lifestyle. Through me these vibrations are then translated into depictions of color, line, and form. Much like the quantum reality in which we exist, forms blend and separate, like parallel dimensions, communicating different perspectives and experiences. These multi-layered depths, entice the viewer to enter, as into a labyrinth, evoking different feelings and histories at every turn. Each viewer's experience is unique and the healing is personal. My purpose in life and in art is to serve community and to ground spirit. This work is a conduit to the divine and our collective experience, sharing it, similarly, facilitates others' connection. Please enjoy.
Thank you

Monday, June 30, 2008

"Diamond in Matrix" Oil on canvas.
This is what I call intuitive portraiture, I welcome commissions.

Friday, April 11, 2008

April showers as oil paintings
New Dance. April 2008. Oil on canvas. 16"x20".
Drip Drop. April 2008. Oil on canvas. 12"x9".

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lost Children:
Over the last few years I have moved around a bit and in each local I have left art work. Many of these pieces haven't been photographed and this is the first time they've been shown.
Prospect Park Dragon. Acrylic on Wood. Fall 2006.
Tongue. Acrylic on Wood. Fall 2006
Vertical. Acrylic on Wood. Fall 2006
HummingbirdRamHorn. Acrylic on Canvas. 36"x36". Fall 2006

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

These are some of the many drawings I have produced in February. This has been a huge month of feeling and change, shifts and embracing new directions. These drawings are the framework, the skeleton which will undoubtedly flesh out this Spring.
(click on drawing to enlarge)
2.12.08 -1
2.12.08 -2

2.16.08 -1
2.16.08 -2
2.20.08 -1
Full Moon Solar Eclipse Sandwiched between Saturn & Regulus
2.20.08 -2
Full Moon Solar Eclipse In Virgo Sandwich between Saturn and Regulus

2.21.08 -1

2.21.08 -2



2.23.08 -2
2.23.08 -3
2.23.08 -4
2.24.08 -1
2.24.08 -2

Communications 10.28.07 (1-22)
On this night I felt like I was split open and someone was writing directly on my brain. In a flurry these 22 drawings came through. Each one conveys a series of messages. I am more deeply understanding these drawings. I see them as blueprints of energy, they are the equations which demonstrate, visually, what it is that I am feeling empathically. I'm feeling a lot these days. This is not a rational communication. Open that right brain and just take it in. Absorb... Where does it hit you? What comes up? What do you recognize? What is triggered? There is quite a bit going on out there these days. It seems like people are trying to hold themselves together, so much tension on those seams...
(click on the drawings to expand)
10.28.07 -1
10.28.07 -2
10.28.07 -3
10.28.07 -4 10.28.07 -5 10.28.07 -6
10.28.07 -7
10.28.07 -8
10.28.07 -9
10.28.07 -10
10.28.07 -11
10.28.07 -12
10.28.07 -13

10.28.07 -1410.28.07 -15
10.28.07 -16
10.28.07 -17
10.28.07 -18
10.28.07 -19
10.28.07 -20
10.28.07 -21
10.28.07 -22

Sunday, February 10, 2008

These are some of the many drawings that came to me this Winter. When I draw, it's the groundwork, the foundation for a new phase that will be fleshed out in full color in the months to come. The drawings contains all of the basic plans, sequences, symbols, characters, and their relationships. It's information, dry and humorless, but nonetheless, the information that streams through us, in the invisible spheres. I connect with that stream empathically and communicate it here.
Profile 28

Profile 15: The Inversion of Sleep