Sunday, April 19, 2020

April Energy, ZOOM Workshop, and Crisis Counseling

Sheltering in place, quarantine, social distancing, the intentional creation of physical space between self and other for the presenting issue of preventing/slowing the spread of a virus. This is our new normal. This experience has us sitting squarely with ourselves and surrounded by the decisions we have made. There is no escaping our lives, and this is an enormous catalyst towards personal and spiritual growth. We are experiencing the deepest mirror of reflection and are required to do nothing less than accept all of it. This is an opportunity to love and accept the entirety of our being and to make the changes in our lives that bring us into greater alignment with our truth.
Our auric fields are sequestered. We are mandated to physically maintain a specific distance from other humans. The silver lining? There is an incredibly rare opportunity to experience the purity of our own energetic field more so than ever before. Sovereignty of self, our energy is unsullied by the willy-nilly overlapping energy fields of others. There is clarity and very intentional hyper-aware interaction when it does occur. How are we feeling? What is our motivation? What are we giving?  What are we receiving? If the status quo is displeasing we may ask, what is it that we can do to effect the change that we seek in our lives now. There is a huge opportunity to viscerally understand energetic boundaries and to proclaim and strengthen new ones. If we like what we’re experiencing, the energetic reverberations of deep gratitude should be pulsating from us throughout the entire ecosphere. Our balance brings new structure into the collective as individuals begin to own the entirety of their shadows. The work we do on ourselves creates an energetic pathway of healing modeling it for those who continue to search. Living truth, accepting all disowned parts, and loving in gratitude will change this world. Many blessings and good luck along your path, may it be lit by the powerful pull of your heart.

I am offering sliding scale "pay what you can" telehealth crisis counseling for those who are working on the front-lines and those who've suffered a loss of income due to this pandemic. If you need help, please ask. Contact me directly here.  Health and love to you and yours. Be safe, be well.  Michael