Sunday, March 22, 2020

March Energy and Zoom Workshop


I AM, such a powerful declaration. I AM Healthy, I am Wealthy, I Am Happy, I Am Grateful. This is the energy of the solar plexus, the power of the inner Sun, personal light, yellow, the frequency of the first flowers of Spring, I AM Life. As humans we have free will. We can choose what thoughts we allow our mind to entertain. Watching the news about the virus, and politics, and FB scrolling can be severely damaging to our psychic and emotional well-being. It’s good to know things, it’s good to be prepared for things, and it’s also good to take a rest, refocus, and draw in and grow positive consciousness. My focus these days more than ever is to draw my energy into the present moment. What can I do about what I feel or the way that I feel? How can I grow into this moment rather than cringe away from it?

Living through times of great change, discernment is the key. The obfuscation of truth lurks in every corner where all information is shrouded in doubt. We must know who we are at the deepest levels and maintain centered calm for responsive action. When we face challenge there is always an opportunity for light and transcendence. It is up to each of us to find our silver lining, follow it, grow it, and embody it.

The Paralysis of Fear & Mind over Matter
Fear prevents us from being rational, and powerfully responsive individuals. We are drawn deep into our base chakra and we feel frozen in fight or flight survival impulses. “Fear is the mind killer,” as so eloquently put in Frank Herbert’s Dune. It has a vibration of its own and fuels a state of consciousness that is contracted, limited, somewhat blinded, and reflex-like. As evolved humans we can use our consciousness as a creative tool. We can metaphysically pave the outcome we’d like to see. We do this by cultivating and embodying this higher, self-aware, empowered frequency in the face of challenge. I believe we will come together and support each other's process as we gracefully evolve into the changes that are required of us. We’ll feel an increased appreciation for our fellow beings and the importance in preserving and stewarding this world in which we live.

How do we stay centered? How do we avoid a state of panic? How do we live responsively, proactively, and sensibly?

Filling our minds and our words with positive energy is vital at this time. It will reduce stress, strengthen immunity, and galvanize will. If we do not take control of the space between our ears then the hysteria and subliminal neuro-linguitic programming streaming through the media outlets will. Honor everything around you for which you are grateful, thank the clean water that you drink and structure it with healing loving words. Breathe deeply and gratefully of the air the brings you life. The plants, the trees, and the birds are your allies. Its Spring! I challenge you to find these blessings and more in spite of and in response to the daily challenges that arrive.
Spiritual Grounding Through the 7 Directions: Shamanic Drum Journey for the New Moon in Aries
Inaugaral Zoom Workshop
3/24/20 5PM-7PM PST
I’m offering my first Zoom workshop: Spiritual Grounding Through the 7 Directions for the New Moon in Aries on Tuesday March 24th at 5PM PST. In celebration of this new approach I'll be offering it by donation. Also, for anyone who has had their income significantly affected by the current state of affairs this is free! Please email me directly and I’ll send you the link for the workshop. We'll be using my shamanic drumming tracks  that were recorded in a professional studio and added to a Spring Scene I’ve uploaded to YouTube. I’ve been using this in the mornings for my meditations and they’ve worked out splendidly. I recommend noise cancelling headphones or a good external speaker for the full vibrational experience. Please see registration through the newsletter here.

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