Thursday, August 06, 2015

Balsam Root the Sunflower of Columbia River Gorge

The essence I worked with this Winter was Balsam Root.  It grows plentifully in the Columbia River Gorge and is considered a native sunflower.  My intention was to harvest one powerful blossom in full bloom, which I did, but I unknowingly pinched off a green bud that was still closed.  The essence I prepared contains the frequency range of young and immature to the full solar blossom.  Balsam Roots vibration is one of healthy mature male.  Envision a grandfather who has experienced many things.  He is deeply rooted in his experience and self confidence and can brave the winds which will come, unshaken.  There is also a strong spiritual component to this plant of deep wisdom, standing in one's power, and becoming what you are.

I was taking this essence for 2 months while I was experiencing the East Coast Winter in New Jersey.    When I'm back East I stay with family and friends and split my time between NJ and Brooklyn.  This Winter however was blizzard after blizzard accumulated snow and frighteningly cold; meaning, all of my time was at my parents' house in the NJ.  Finding ways to entertain my mind would be difficult.  In retrospect I realize that this essence is exactly what permitted me to be there as long as I was.  I was content to go into the basement and go through all of my old things to recognize value or eliminate.  This is about going deep into the foundation for strong  rooting.  This plant generally grows for a decade before it flowers for the first time.  This demonstrates this plant's lesson of growing deeply downward for a strong support system (roots) to then blossom so radiantly in all its power and maturity.  

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Cilantro, Chinese Parsley, Coriander

Cilantro is my plant of company right now.  I experienced its growth cycle all last year, collected its seeds, and replanted this season.  Cilantro is abundant and vigorous yet sensitive and gentle.  A blood cleaner recommended for removing toxins from the system including heavy metals such as mercury and aluminum.  Also known as coriander, Chinese parsley, and dhania,   The flower essence resonates, right timing.  The timing to flower.  Blossoming.  

Summer Nights at the River in Portland

Hula Hoop Silhouettes in the distance.