Saturday, October 26, 2013

Archangel Michael

Hawthorn Berries of Mount Tabor

Hawthorn is traditionally a heart medicine, balancing irregularity.  It is a heart opener and a circulatory system ally.  There is also much lore as to its magical/ceremonial use...

The Hawthorn's connection to our heart energy has transcended many different aspects of our growth, both within our relationships with ourselves and each other, and in relation to our spiritual connection to the divine within and without. I believe that the Hawthorn is very much involved in humankind's evolution into the Aquarian age of a more open-hearted and humanitarian attitude to life, love and spirituality. I sense a willingness within the Hawthorn's energy to help us and be part of this transformation.  

These berries are from a huge, berry laden tree on Mount Tabor in Portland, OR.  I have heard several stories where people have gone off of their blood pressure meds after using hawthorn as a daily tonic.  VOW has hawthorn tincture preserved in organic apple cider vinegar and grain alcohol.  

Columbia Park

Angel's Rest

This is a spider's town

Friday, July 26, 2013

Beach in Tillamook

Oregon, Columbia side

Dusk on the Columbia

Teasel on the Columbia

I first saw teasel in the Shakespeare Garden in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.  This garden is planted with the many plants that have come up in Shakespeare's works.  There was only one plant so I figured it was pretty rare.  Out here in Oregon, it's everywhere and considered an invasive species.  Matthew Wood, and Harold Buhner write at length about teasel root being a specific medicine for lyme disease.  I have also heard this plant being a deer ally.  This is one herbalist's method in tincturing teasel
She's had quite a long journey working with lyme, here's her story:

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Welcome to the Pacific



I love it out here.  New inspiration.  New energy.  New creative juice and projects.  New plants.  New people.  Pacific plate.  The ring of fire.  Three volcanoes in view.  


There are so many plants growing along the street, a ton of them medicinal and culinary herbs, beautiful flowers.  Homes designated backyard habitats.  There are goats, chickens, and a little white terrier who gets under the fence.